Wednesday, November 5, 2008

sarah palin, flu shots, xrays, art, lifeteen and history exams

I hope Sarah Palin runs in 2012! Cuz I can vote! And I would vote for her! Totally! My arm hurts. Yesterday I got my flu shot. And I got xrays for both a foot injured 2 months ago and a wrist injured 5 months ago. I have splint for my wrist I now have to wear all the time, and the doctor should call w/ the results of my xrays tomorrow. I have art class today. I need to start my pom pom. This is our 2nd-to-last class. and my pom pom will be HARD! and i still have my rosary(also hard) and purity ring(lots simpler)and a CD to finish too! oh dear! I will have LOTS of homeowrk this week. this sunday I lector @ lifeteen Mass! at life nite we learn about the gospels of matthew mark and luke, then next week all about johns gospe! i think b/c he was a teenager and stuff thats why they are giving him a whole week! and tomorrow I have a history PSEO exam to take online. hopefully not a bazillion questions but last time there was 54!!!

My fave Bible verse-"I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me"-Phillippians 4:13

xoxo*little mary

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