Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I got my MRI done this morning. It was very boring. I had to keep my left arm still for an hour, and they had to redo some because my hand twitched because I hadnt moved it in so long! But I get those results next week! I hope I dont need surgery but if I do at least my wrsit will feel a bit better!!! I finally got my contatcs in today it is taking a while to get used to!!! I have to take them out around 4:30 and back in again around 5:30 til around 9:30 I am working at cheer evaluations tonight for Upwards cheerleading. If you havent heard of it is a Christian basketball/cheer program and in the fall they do soccer. I am a cheer coach, this year I am doing the 5 and 6 grade girls, including my sister. My mom is also coaching with me. I am excited! It is so fun cuz I get to teach the girls cheers and be loud (something I am really good at if I am allowed to be!)


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