Saturday, November 29, 2008


i finally got to sleep around 12 last night, no, later than that. about 12:45. i got up at 8, my mom woke me up! i just emailed this guy i need to be in the skit, i hope he checks his email more often that his sister! i am so bored. i hope fr dave calls me this afternoon. tonight i am babysitting my cousin makayla for 3 or so hours. money for my Christmas family! and in other news, i am for sure going to the march for life, i rsvpd on sunday as soon as i got the paper, and with 30 dollars of my bday money and the rest from my parents, i am going! i could have paid it on my own with the money i had saved for it, but they said since they paid half of my trip cost i am to use the money i save for food, souveniers, etc. YAY! yesterday at the scrapbook store i bought some DC sticker, now i have 2 sheets of epoxy and popped up stickers!!!! yay!!!

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