Monday, November 17, 2008

Need Title Help!

I am always bad at coming up with titles! I need one for my story. So, I will be taking suggestions until tomorrow night. I am hoping to have 4 by then so if I only have say 1 or 2 I will wait til Wednesday. Then I will take the titles suggested to that point and make a poll. The theme is 4 teens(names to be determined-see poll at right i will close the poll in a few days or when a sure majority is shown) transported to the time of Jesus birth. Please leave suggestions in form of a comment!!! Thanks!!!

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Carmelite Aspirant said...

Hi Little Mary, thanks for taking a look at my blog. I'd intend to have a good look at yours too, but I hope you don't mind me saying, I find it difficult to read due to red and green on purple. Maybe it's just my eyes! It's good to see a blog so cared for and I love the pretty pink in the background! Thanks again for looking.