Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Story

I have a dentist appt at noon so I wont get much done as I have to eat and brush my teeth and floss etc etc, but here goes!!!

It was the last day before Christmas Vacation at Saints Bernadette and Therese High School in Lakeville, Nebraska. Senior Cecelia Starr, 17 years old, captain of the cheerleading and girls basketball teams and a straight-A student, was walking towards the Principals office to do the afternoon announcements. Her boyfriend, senior Jacob Richie, captain of the football, basketball, and baseball teams, was waiting for the bell to ring in Government class. Sure, he was going to Stanford University next fall to study law, but he was done with the test, and he wanted the bell to ring. Now. Liliana Jenkins, a junior and Cecelia's best friend, was twirling her hair in Math class. She probably didn't do that well on the test, but as she figured she was doomed to community college anyway. Plus, she had more important things to worry about. Like making sure she wore her hair differently each day of the week and all her jewelry matched her navy, tan, and white uniform. Benjamin Cummins was just finishing his test in Theology class. He was planning on attending seminary after graduating from high school in two years.
"Hi, this is Cecelia Starr with the afternoon announcements," Cecelia's voice came over the PA system, "We only have one, make that two announcements today. First of all, don't forget the special Life Night tonight over at church, we will be wrapping presents for our Christmas families, going to Adoration, and eating pizza. Hope everyone can come! And also, have a fun and safe Christmas vacation!" Brrrring! The day was over. School was out for the next two weeks. Cecelia, Jacob, Liliana, and Benjamin all met in front of school. They were planning on going to Lili's to hang out before Lifeteen that night.

OK well I think I need to get going for now. My mom needs hellp with the tree, we ned to eat and all that jazz. So I will write more later!

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Michaela said...

I love it so far!!! I wish I could right like you. I think your mom will love the story!