Friday, November 7, 2008

Story of my life...

Hope this works this time...

Chapter 1, years1-4

Year 1-So I was born on nov 22, 1993. 3 days later my great-grandfather died of a stroke from a few weeks earlier. everyone says he made room for me in the world! i was the first child formy parents, ages 23 and 25 at the time, and thefirst grandchild and second great grandchild on all sides of living great grandparents. we had a cute house on a busy street corner tho, and later when i was 2 we moved.
Year 2-my momma was pregnant w/ my brother and we moved to a neighborhood. when my brother was born he was very very sick. he was in the NICU in a big-city hospital. after being released, he was not allowed out of the house for many days, being baptized there as well.
Year 3-we thought my little brother was deaf, so we took ASL classes. of course, being about 3 yearsold....i remember how to sign "play"!!! we later leanred he is not deaf but is atistic, has ADHD, and cerebral palsy.
Year 4-my little sister was born. my seemingly healthy, littleprincess of a sister. 2 weeks later, she was diagnosed with kidney disease. Later on she had kidney surgery, and she also had a feeding tube put in in her mouth because she would not eat. but no, that was not the end of the problems for my little sister. she has had many morein later years. that summer, i broke my leg! i had a purple cast, and all my sunday school friends signed it too!

I will write morelater time for dinner. also is anyone interested in reading some stories i have written???


Michaela said...

I would love to hear more stories you have written. That would be so neat!

Rosarygirl said...

Me too!