Friday, November 28, 2008

being thankful

yesterday was thanksgiving(i bet you are like, duh!) yes it was. so in the morning we went to church, i lectored, we couldnt find the thanksgivining readings(me, the mass coordinators, Fr Phil, Deacon Kishore.....none of us!), we went with the daily readings. so we just did the one reading and the gospel, but of all books in the Bible, guess which one the reading i read was from? Revelation! on thanksgiving! so anyways at church I got to talk to my BFF bella afterwards. after church we went home and watched the parade, then went to my dads parents. my great grandparents were there, but my great grandpa was really sick and not doing very well. please pray for him and my great grandma too. then we stopped by my dads aunts house to see his cousin beth and her husband and boys, they were in from out of town. beth lost her leg in an accident this spring. so we went there, stayed for about half and hour. got to talk to beth, she is a k-3 techer, like i want to be, so thats pretty sweet. she showed us her leg, it is robotic. and she didnt take her shoe off, but told us that the foot looks so real, and she can even paint the toes! and on the one part of her leg, she has a "tatoo" of the school mascot, and when she gets her final fitted leg, she is gonna get an ohio state O or something like that. so when she wears shorts, she says, people can see the "tattoo"......anyways we got to talk to her oldest son, he is s a sophomore like me, he just turned 16 last month. anyways, after that we went home for a bit, and then went to my moms parents. my great aunt was going to come, but she insisted she wouldnt because she is sick and would ruin our day. she is so stubborn, just like my great grandpa! he wont go to the doctor. i got to see my cousins from out of town at my moms parents, they are so cute! ok well my brother wants on here. like now. so i gtg!!!xoxo

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