Friday, November 28, 2008

thanks to kelli for this list

and i am now commenting on the list kelli has made!

Bratty relatives-you have that right, kelli....some of my cousins are totally disrespectful and talk about things they should NOT be talking about at thier age!

Being the odd one out-vegetarian on thanksgiving-yep.....odd one out! and i am the only really Catholic-Catholic in my family, my family is Catholic and so is my moms, but my dads is Lutheran, and people ask me about church and they dont get it like the stuff i do! and also at my moms parents, they went obama, and my mom and dad and aunt and uncle went mccain, so my aunt and i were having a sarah palin rocks fest, and my grandma was just kinda sitting there, not saying anything, with a i wish this would stop soon look!!!

Turkey-dont eat it!!!

Crazy relatives-verrrrry! i do love them though! (storge;-))

Cold-but at least i have a new cute coat from my bday!

Long car rides-luckily my family is all in town, kelli i feel bad for you!

Family gossip-not that bad this year, some years though.....OMG!!!

Overeating-yep i did that.....and if i got on the scale i would be paying the prcie LOL!!!

Food coma-i was soooo tired yesterday;-)

Pulling an all-nighter.-nope kelli didnt do that. hope your shopping went well tho!

The worst materialistic holiday eve-well yeah thats true

Knowing that I participate in the selfish materialism-me too, just not as early as you kelli!

Planning out for the next day-thats fun! ads on my grandmas table, us kids sitting around grandma telling her what we want!

Awkward conversations-oh yes. many of those.

Cliche conversations-especially hard when you are 15, the oldest grandkid by 2 years, the next kid being a boy, and all the adults talk to each other. at least i have my cell phone;-(

Leftovers-now kelli, i have to disagree. we have an awesome day after thanksgiving leftover dinner!

ok thats all!!!! thanks kelli for this post idea!XOXO

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