Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So I was thinking today about steubie this past summer. I thought back to a discussion we had one night in our youth groups small group time about our future spouses. Our youth leader was telling us how if we were planning to get married, unless we were planning on a huge age difference, our future spouse was out there somewhere. of course, that got me thinking! i mean, your future spuse could be on the other side of the world. maybe someone you will meet in college, maybe after. maybe the guy or girl you have liked since kindergarten. maybe your high school sweetheart. maybe even someone you have known all your life! but i pray for my future spouse, whoever he may be, every night. we talked about in our small group how that is such a good thing to do. your future spuse IS out there somewhere, maybe down the street, maybe 1000 miles away. just some food for thought;-)


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Rosarygirl said...

Actually very touching :) We'll all pray for him too!