Monday, November 10, 2008

Luke v. Matthew, the Resurrection Story, part 2

So the other guys argued the different points, as well as why they liked Luke better...


This is a big one! In Luke they were "terrified" but in Matthew they were "amazed!"
In Luke there were 2 angels, but in Matthew only 1!!!
In Matthew, there was an earthquake before the stone was rolled away
In Luke, the women found the stone like that

I know there were more, but again thats all I could think of!!!! And their argument why Luke was better...

"It was more laid back"(exact quote), "however"(then i spoke my side) He said something else in between laid back and however, but I forgot cuz I was nervous thinking about what I was gonna say!

It was a great time! There were some other really good ones, like the Synoptic Sisters, who won;-( but I think the Scuba-Steves so rocked!!!! Oh yeah!!!!!


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