Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Decorations

I guess my blog is a good place to start! We didnt get around to it today, maybe tomorrow. It is so much WORK and now with the new house we have to find a new place for EVERYTHING! We have like a bazillion tress, our big tree, one in each of us 3 kids rooms, a fiber optic tree, a candy tree, purple tree, and a *to be determined theme* new tree! it will either be golds, brozes and browns, or victorian. so that is...8 trees? yeah! maybe more. i forget;-) i think thats it though. and i have my tree and a lot of decor just for MY room! and dont forget the village we are gonna put up....always fun finding a new place for THAT! it is a huge village my dad bought my mom the starter village the Christmas they were engaged and then each year since then we have added a new house(we are now done with houses) or new people, new animals, etc(last year we did cows and horses! we havent got this years piece yet) and also we buy a new ornament each year. we got that today, a cluster of grapes, for the purple tree. and our church is sponsoring a tree to be decorated for showing at the downtown theater, a bunch of organizations and churches are doing trees and then people can see them all for 2 dollars(they will be pretty) and then go to the auction for 40 dollars and the trees will all be auctioned off for charity! and then 12 downtown stroefronts are doing Christmas stroy displays, like million dollar, ok not mil. but like thousands and thousands dollar displays! we are going togo see them when they are done. anyways our church is doing a St Nick tree and hopefully 200 parishioners will donate they are hoping for 200 anyways a St Nick or Santa ornament for our tree. One of our parishioners is decorating! I am so excited to see the trees and storefronts!!!


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