Monday, November 24, 2008

the 4 types of love

so this is what we learned about at Lifeteen yesterday!

Storge-affection(family love)
Philia-friendship(people united for a cause, ie football team)
Eros-being in love(you know lovey dovey stuff like in movies)

We spilt into small groups and each picked a kind of love to do a skit on (it seems that out of 6 groups somehow everyone avoided eros LOL!) my group did Agape. We did a skit on getting presents for a family for Christmas because their family could not afford them. It was funny because the seminarian giving the talk said afterwards "and that was an advertisement for out Christmas family project'! Please pick up a paper when you leave today!" We didnt even think of that! We didnt win(again) it wasnt the same people and all....although we should have named our group the scuba steves because that was the best name ever. we simply went by group 2!!!!(we actually said group dos!!! hows that for spanglish?)


ps i am trying contacts right now! i havent seen myself w/o glasses since i was 8!!!! it is so weird!!!


Rosarygirl said...

We learned those this summer and last summer too! Good to hear about those again!

Kelli said...

i have heard of these before, sad i had to miss it though :[