Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Art Class and Taylor Swift

I have my last art class of the semester today. We did still lifes. Mine is almost done! Instead of 2 hours though we only have about 1 because at the end of the class we are showing our art to our families. I still have to paint my purity ring on, do the reflection of my Rosary in my CD, and make my pom pom look 3D!!! On another note, Taylor Swifts new CD(which I am hopefully getting for my bday which is in 10 days!!!)10 DAYS EVERYONE, 10 DAYS! 10 days til my bday! is so awesome I listened to some of the songs on youtube, some good ones are Love Story and Fifteen, these are my current faves! I would love to see a music video done on Fifteen. There is already one out for Love Story it is so beautiful!!!

Little Mary

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xokellilynn said...

the new cd is so great! i got it 2 nights ago, hope you get it!