Saturday, December 20, 2008

What to do...

I am not tired but my mom for some reason wants me to come upstairs and go to bed. She said I can stay down here, however, but only if I do not watch what my dad is watching on TV;-) So I am on the computer!!! Dont know for how much longer as I have already
Checked my dashboard for blog updates(ONE!)
checked email(one again!)
checked to see if prof had posted grade(she didnt)
So yeah. Tomorrow looks like nothing to do so I will probably sleep til around and sister dont usually let me sleep later than that! Get up, have coffee and probably a toaster strudel. Check email, blog, etc. Read the Sunday paper, hope SMCC beat HHS tonight!!! Check email, blog, etc. Look at the presents under my tree I cannot wait to put out on Christmas Eve. Think about Lifeteen shopping on Monday. Check email, blog ,etc. Hope friends are actually on emailing me or updating blog. Wish I had AIM, but realize I do not even have any of my friends IDs even if I did have AIM, whhich means I dont really need it;-) Find shoes to match Christmas Eve outfit(red blouse and ....gasp! a black chiffon SKIRT!!! yep, me! a skirt!) Eat lunch. Realize it is one month til the Right to Life March. Call Bella and talk about what to bring. Realize must pack light. Freak. Wonder if I will have somewhere to brush my teeth. Freak some more. Think about what to buy family and self in DC. Count money in Spain jar. Consider starting gifts for people from Spain list. Check email, blog, etc. Make list of things to get people in Spain, mentally. Consider buying self a frilly flamenco colorful skirt. Decide Yes I would prbably actually wear it. Count money saved for Staeubenville and DC so far. Call Rachel to see what her plans are for Christmas. Check email, blog, etc. Eat diinner. Watch random Christmas movie. Read Christmas story. Do Advent calendar, candles, etc.
Well I suppose if I do indeed get bored tomorrow I can look at this lovely list!!!

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