Monday, December 22, 2008


Oh how it was fun!!! We went to Traget and me and 3 friends shopped (we split into groups) for a 5 year old girl! We wrapped at my place and she got 15 packages all together! We chose 1 family instead of more than one, so that we could get them everything they wanted instead of only a box or two, so their tree was filled;-) I can only imagine their faces on Christmas morning!!! Especially this little girl...we got her 2 outfits(hannah monatana!), camp rock pj's, a hannah montana guitar, little lip glosses nail polish hair stuff etc, hannah montana shoes, 3 collector dolls, and a barbie!!! all for 120 dollars!!! we so good!!! And we had so much fun, me and my friends, hanging at my place!!!

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