Monday, December 15, 2008

confession and lifeteen and the like

ok so lifeteen was so fun, it will be easier just to use the summary i wrote for the lifeteen website...
This weeks life night was all about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. First, we split into 3 groups and played a game with a hula-hoop where the hula-hoop had to go around the circle without the circle being broken! After that, each group had to alphabetize themselves by middle names. After we played that game, core team member Chad gave a talk relating sin to vampires. Now, that may sound strange, but really it was a good analogy. Basically, sin is like vampires, and going to Reconciliation gets rid of them! If we keep the vampires in the dark, they will stay alive. But what happens to vampires in the light? (For Twilight readers, the correct answer is not sparkle!) They correct answer is they explode. So by "putting our sins in the light" through Reconciliation, our sins will be gone and we are forgiven! After this, we went into church and heard a short talk given by Jacob about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and it's importance. We then reviewed the Examination of Conscience and after that we had an opportunity to receive the Sacrament. After Reconciliation, we all went back to the gym to enjoy a lovely dinner prepared by some wonderful volunteerrs! We even got a visit from Santa, telling us we were good boys and girls because he saw we went to Lifeteen!

OK so that was lifeteen.

So we had Confession, and like I said Jacob gave a talk, one thing he said I didnt put in the summary was actually something Jake said he took from what Deaacon Kishore had said before Reconciliation at school on Friday.(jake goes to St Marys) Basically, what he said was sin is like dort in a carpet, over time, a new carpet gets dirty. But, Reconciliation is like the vacuum cleaner, removing the dirt and making the carpet clean again! Great analogy!!!!!


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