Sunday, December 14, 2008


I am awake, waiting for Dad to bring home donuts! Mom and sister are upstairs sleeping, and brother is with Dad. I seriously Am getting addicted to the computer, I check my email about 6 times a day(it is always minimized, I just have to log in!) and my blog about 3 times. And I have to work on papers constantly, I am always on here applying for scholarships, the whole 9 yards!

PS who else is happy Bradford won the Heisman?


Rosarygirl said...

I am on the computer too much too! I got a timer for my birthday, and I need to use it more! As long as you're not dizzy and nearly sick after six hours straight of staring at the screen, you should be mostly ok ;) Or at least you are doing something useful, not just playing games.

Dixi said...

Me too. If my mom knew I go online as much as I am she would have a fit! LOL