Wednesday, December 17, 2008


OK, so mostly I use this blog for religion and lifeteen stuff. But I want to post this......

Jakes good traits:
he matches like every single thing on things I want in a guy list
He goes to Adoration daily before school
He goes to Confession almost weekly
He has a wonderful family and i am friends with his sister
See list for other traits he matches, because he matches them all;-)

Jakes bad traits(some of these arent bad just temporary disadvantages):
he is 3 years 5 months and 3 days older than me, currently 18
He goes to college this coming fall 2 hours away(ok not bad)
He has a girlfriend
He has a slight temeper, but only after losing football games, and never really bad for that matter and it doesnt last long
He is easily confused, but thats not a bad trait.....its really cute actually;-)

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Catholic Chiquita said...

haha...ok thanks for the comment on my just worried that the one bad thing will lead to more bad if a guy talks like that, it usually means that he talks like that to other girls, which would make hi a ladies man, which would mean he might be a player, which would mean he doesnt have respect for women, which would mean he probably doesnt have a good relationship with God or his mom. Oye....see what i mean??? LOL!!!!