Saturday, December 13, 2008

The List

My friend Bella has inspired me by her blog post to post my List, things I want in my future husband. I have them in my head, but it would be nice to have them down somewhere!

MUST be Catholic!
Must go to Mass each week(and I mean not his parents making him go, I want a guy who will drive himself to church at a different time if he can't make it when hi family goes!!!)
Must be pro-life(and I mean right to life march going, pro-life t-shirt wearing, standing up and speaking out pro-life!!!)
Must go to youth group as often as he can make it with out being forced to
Must go to Confession at least once a year like a good Catholic(I go 2 times to 3 times, usually)
Must want lots of kids
Must actually like kids
Must be open to adopting(I would like to adopt an older boy from my city because older boys, about ages 7 and up, never seem to be wanted like babies and older girls!!! I would like to give a child who needs a good home a good home!)
Must have morals....duh!!!
Must not be prone to swearing!(and a guy who tells people to not swear when they do because there are kids around is always extra nice!)
Must respect his mother more than any person on the planet!
Must also, if he has a sister, stand up for her
Must never compromise any of his morals
Must respect my standards
Did I mention must want lots of kids?LOL!
Must get along with my family well
Must be nice to my siblings
Cannot be allergic to dogs(seems silly, but I LOVE dogs! LOL!)
Is OK if allergic to cats(my mom is so I cant have cats anyway!)

I am sure I could think of MORE! But that is a good start! Like my list, bella???XOXO

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