Friday, December 26, 2008

What a Trip

So we are one half hour away from destination. My dad, brother, and sister need a bathroom break. We stop at Taco Bell. My dad goes to start the car back starty. At all. For one whole hour. Yep. So we get to their house, had a wonderful time, delicious dinner, and adorable desserts(little cakes decorated by my aunt!). We get presents.....(list adding right here...)
*Travel stickers, really cute(for all my trips!)
*Quote and Phrase pretty sticker...ivories and purples and dark cute dark purple one says"create change"....I am gonna use it for my DC pages about the March!
*Red strap-hinge album

K so thats that. We visited, I got to see my 2 cousins(both boys), the littlest one is 2 and sooooo intelligent. I was palying air hockey with my sister and he took the score-slider numbers and used them like an abacus, going 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!!! He counted all the way to ten! Just 2 in September too! And his mom has a pandora bracelet, and she has 3 birthstone rings on it for her kids(baby due in january, very soon!) and he told her all 3 colors!(green, blue, red) He is sooo smart, and sooo cute!!! He tells us all the time he loves us, and before he left he said "please dont go. no leave." It was sooo sweet. I have little holes in the jeans i wore, and he put his finger in one of the holes and said "is that you leg in there?" It was adorable! And the whole time I tried to get my aunt and uncle to spill the gender of their baby(they know but nooone else!) I tried asking what the middle name was, and my aunt said, "Grace. Or Anthony." Those are their middle names. No luck there;-( They didnt want to know but they saw something on the ultrasound, which may lead one to think oh its a boy, but it was a fancy 4D one, so that can also be clear if it is indeed a girl. I want a girl as a tiebreaker, I hope so!!! They do have a name....they even have paint(locked in their closet LOL) which my aunt told me 2 colors...beige and ivory. and blue or pink!!! I cant wait for the newest little blessing!!!! If it is a girl and I get married before say I am 23 or 24, she would probably be my flower girl, cuz she would be anywhere from say 6-8ish then. Haha that would be fun;-) So we left for the one and a half hour ride home, and about 45 minutes from home....brrrbumpbrrbump.....tire trouble. Pull over and everything looks fine, so we waited til my Granparents were caught up and headed onward. Now we are home. Quite a day, but so happy to see my cousins!!!


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Dixi said...

Fun, I'm going to my Aunt's today. It is really foggy out here so we probably will have to leave before dark : (