Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Prayers of Thanksgiving

1. My friend Scott was driving yesterday on icy roads in Michigan, taking a friend to work. He was hit and spun around by four cars, and after that happened, a SUV came over the hill going way too fast and came very close to plowing into the drivers side of the car. Neither him or the girl in the car with him were hurt! Scott is really awesome, I do miss him I have not seen him in almost a year now, though he may come in a few weeks, but he may not because he would like to drive himself and his car was totalled. He is 20 and like an older brother to me. He gave me my first....and only motorcycle ride! Yes, we went fast, yes, it was fun, and yes I was holding on to him for dear life!!!

2. My dog, Wilbur ran away yesterday morning, but luckily our very nice neighbor came outside in her pajamas and got him into her yard, where we were able to get him and bring him home safely!!!


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