Friday, December 26, 2008

In the words of Frsoty the Snowman...

I couldnt wait to post my I will just add to it later! I do have to say, however, that as I was opening my presents Christmas morning(and the night before....and that afternoon) I was thinking of the family my lifeteen youth group adopted, thinking about them opening their gifts. I hope they liked them! I got so particular order, just the order I wrote them all down in!
*Xyron 500 refill
*Travel Case(purple!) for DC trip
*Gray hat with pink heart outline
*Journal Set
*Mirror/brush Combo travel compact
*Hot Pink legwarmers!!!
*Hair Scrunchies
*Body Butter
*Frame stickers
*Nail care travel set
*Digi Watch
*HSM3 Book
*Bracelet craft
*PJ pants
*Gray striped top(matches hat)
*Purple and pink striped sweater
*White button-up top
*Cell Phone holder
*Money for Steubenville etc...x lots of people;-)
*Art Classx2(one from each set of grandparents)
*Die cuts
*Monogram A in purple
*East High Forever board game
*Scrapbook supplies(LOTS!!! Christmas, DC, regular.....lots!)
*"Peace to all Living Things" top
*Black Jeans
*Really super cute Suede and Feux Fur boots...That I cant wear today because it is raining;-(
*Birthday Card making set
*Birthstone Heart Earrings
*A huge brown and white stuffed stand up cow I named Coco
*Aeropostale shirt I have to return but will get another one
*Super cute socks, 4 pairs!!! Txt socks, and a set with a pair of striped socks, argyle socks, and heart socks
*HSM3 purse
*Jonas Brothers book
*2 Nancy Drew mysteries
*HSM3 trivia game
*2 candle holders that match my room
*Furry Logic book
*Purple cable knit tunic sweater

That seems to round it up for now!!!! Will add more later! Hope you all had a great day celebrating the birth of our Savior!!!!!!!!!!XOXOXOXOXOXO


Dixi said...

Merry Christmas!

Woah! I got a $300 camera... with a 3 year warranty thank God!

Btw, I am a member of Team Sarah too. I joined b 4 the election.

//kelli/lynn/anna/marie// said...

wow cool! sounds like you had a good christmas!