Tuesday, December 16, 2008

G'day, mates

Almost g'nite, but whatever. Today I didnt go anywhere. Didnt even put in my contacts! Or do makeup! But I did do school, watch a history video, watch TV, work on a history report, and talk to Bella. I am super sad there is no lifeteen until the 11th of January. But of course, we have shopping on Monday. That will be fun. Even though Jake and his sister Carliann cannot come probably. Jake came last year.....it was really funny. He didnt cut paper the right size and patched the gift part showing with a different color of paper. It was really cute, actually. But we are wrapping at my place this year after shopping at Target, eating pizza, and praying!!!! Yay! Fun! Then next month is the Right 2 Life March!!!!! SUPER YAY! I get to go this year! It will be great to stand up for something I really and truly support!!! With my friends! By bus! To DC! Even though we will only be in DC for about 8-9 hours, it will still be a great experience. We are going to the Holocaust Museum when we are there too. Oh and I am planning on typing a year in review for December 31st, so you all have that to look forward to while reading my mostly boring blog posts!!!XOXO

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Dixi said...

First, there is no such thing as a boring post - unless it's mine of course!

Second- the Holocaust Museum is awesome. I didn't get to go but my dad and little brothers stopped in when we went to DC to see Papa Ben! (I must have been at the National Shrine at the time.)

I love DC but not sure if I'm going to the march yet. Maybe I'll see you there!