Thursday, December 11, 2008

time crunch

Yes, it is that time of year. College finals. Ugh. I have turned in my Vietnam War paper(hoping I did well on that, not so sure!), my assignment essay synopsis, and my extra credit paper. The only thing left for PSEOP online history is the dreaded final. If I dont get an A on this one, I get a B in the course probably, from my probably not good calculations;-)
I find myself with no time to watch TV anymore, the only thing I get to watch is my soap opera each weekday, but only if I DVR it so I can fast-forward thru commercials. I aslo eat and study while getting some sort of TV time in, like when my sister wants me to watch a movie with her. I eat my meals while watching videos on the computer for history, and instead of reading before bed I study. I have only read 4 books this quarter of school.
My only friend-time is Lifeteen each Sunday. I rarely get to talk on the phone with my friends anymore, because they are busy and so am I. I havent talked to Bella, my BFF, on the phone since Sunday night after Lifeteen for 7 minutes. I havent talked to Rachel, my other BFF, for a week and havent seen her in a while either, as she is not Catholic and does not attend my youth group.
The only thing I getto do regularly that I want to is email, simply becuase I am almost always on here typing up a paper and when the email notifier pops up, I can go look(the email is always minimized at the bottom of my screen!)and reply.
If only God gave us 25 hours in the day!!!


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