Saturday, December 13, 2008


No, I am NOT talking about TP here! Bella has again, in her blog, has inspired this post!!! Last year in youth group, we were talking about an ideal relationship
Girl+Guy+GOD!=3-ply, like a rope, is stronger with 3 strands than 2!!!
So it kinda became a joke, so this one guy who goes to SHS, anyways he said, man, we better be careful! They'll think the 3-PLY is like a gang or something! And then ,my friends dad who was leading youth group that night was like, yeah your call sign could be the sign of the cross!!! haha it was really funny. But yes, every relationship, with out God in the center, can never last! Going to church or youth group with your girfriend or boyfriend is a great way to start!!!

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