Monday, December 15, 2008

college, the not so distant reality

its true. I am a sophomore. Two years at this time I will be half done with my senior year. My friends who are seniors have already gotton into schools for the most part, most of them their first choice colleges. Most of them in Ohio, however, which makes me happy. Kind of. At the end of May we are having this thing at lifeteen, we are going to say goodbye to all the seniors. I know I will cry, because as I am typing this I am almost crying. Sheesh I am a softie;-) When I leave in a few years....amn it will be hard. I'll get my own year of lasts, like my senior friends have been through already, some of the lasts anyways. My best friend is a freshman so she will be a senior in high school the year I leave for college.....and it will kill me to leave her. Many of my other friends are all graduating in 2011 like me, but we are mostly headed across the state to different schools, some people even planning to go out of state. We are all going to world youth day in Spain the summer before....and it will be the last time we are all together before college. Some friends of mine are thinking about the same school I am, FUS, others med school, others Ohio Northern, others Mount Vernon, others undecided. Its gonna be hard. But its life. And on the really bright optimistic side, most of them are planning to come back here after college to get a job get married and have a family;-)


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