Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the college list...

inspired by kelli....created by 4
1.Franciscan University of Steubenville
2.Notre Dame College-Cleveland
3.Lourdes College
4.Bowling Green State University

Dont wanna leave Ohio, but want to go and stay away in the dorms. But not be too far from home!!! I really would like a Catholic college. Especially FUS. I would REALLY like scholarships! Hopefully I will get offered some after taking the ACT hopefully in February of not then the next one!!! Not sending in scores right away this time tho....I would like a 30, then if I get one I will send them in.

Major in Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education(leaning towards former) not sure if I really want to minor. If I do it will either be Drama or Journalism. Or maybe an elective class or 2 in each, since most schools require a few elective classes here and there. Minors are more money. Money I need in the first place;-)!!!

It is a scary thought, college. In 2 and a half years I will be a graduate. In 3 years at this time I will probably be typing from a laptop in a dorm room from a college somewhere across the state. Or studying;-)

Its gonna be hard, I know. I have already cried at the thought of my few senior friends leaving. Man;-) And that wasnt even at the life night in May when they are saying goodbye....I will cry then even tho I still get to do YES and Steubie with them all LOL!!!

Merry Christmas Eve, will log on tomorrow hopefully once or twice and post my Christmas love!!! And Staurday or possible late Friday will being a loevely list of Gifts I got!!! (we still have Christmas things with uncle and aunt and cousins a few hours away on Friday, they cant travel because my aunts baby is due in 2 weeks!!!)


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