Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My dad took me and my brother to a match today! SHS vs PHS. My dad works with someone whos son is on the SHS team. I had never been to a wrestling match before, even though my cousin TJ was a really awesome wrestler for SMCC hwen he was in school I never went. Basically I think the purpose these guys have is to like kill each other! It is funny though;-) I am an SMCC fan so therefore dont like PHS because they are a huge rival so I cheered for SHS. My dad went to PHS, my mom to SMCC, and before I was homeschooled I went to SMCC.....its in my blood, as is wrestling, my dad was a wrestler for PHS and my mom an SMCC mat maid!!! My dad told me to tell my mom when I went home I wanted to go to PHS to be a mat maid.....I tolds him...."dad! thats not even funny!" because of my loyalty to SMCC!!!


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