Friday, January 9, 2009

Updated DC list...thinking positively!

Tennis shoes incase it rains and I cant wear my comfy warm suede boots;-(
Sketch Pad and pencils
Toiletries(toothbrush etc)
Contact case and glasses
Extra socks
a book
my Bible so I can read my one chapter a day even when I am gone
Camera(how did I forget that????) and extra battery
CELL PHONE! Again, how could I forget? and everyones numbers programmed in!
Spending money!!!!
Hand Warmers if I can get them
My Mary statue to put in my backpack
My my cheerleaders will tell you, no problem;-)
A sign, if we are allowed!

Thanks everyone for the advice, and Maureen, it would be so cool to visit FUS on the way home....except strangely, I think we dont go that way!!!! we go thru PA, I believe! But I miss that place, but cant wait to go in June! YAY STEUBIE!

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