Friday, January 23, 2009

DC deets;-)

Wednesday Night
See Tarek Saab at state theater
Join up with other kids in Lobby
Board bus
Go to SM church and do introductions and prayer
Leave again
Try to take pix and get in trouble(not really,) for the flash
Wait for picture taking time where we tell the driver and he knows there will be camera flashes
Take bus pix;-)
Rest stop
Go to back of bus and sleep with my friend while Madagascar is on (or try and really only sleep one hour) haha and wake up with my friends arm around my waist and us holding hands LOL.....(yes this friend is a guy;-))
By then its Thursday
After we woke up marty and I talked for a bit
Stop at breezewood and wait in line for bathroom LOL and then eat the buffet for food because my stomach hurt so bad but the food wasn't very good
Get back on bus
Talk for a while to friends
Rest stop
Get stuff together for DC and get onto groups used for the day for counting off
Drop small group off at Verizon Center
Rest of us headed to Holocaust Museum to get in line
Part of us HM goers go get something to eat in the cafe, of which you need security checked to get in
Get back in line find out other group at Verizon didn't get in and went to Alternative Mass and walked around DC
While they did that we froze in line for the HM and then went to the museum I liked it a lot and cried in the Remember the Children temporary exhibition idk if it was there last year
Bought one and only souvenior, a remember the children button for my purse
Ate lunch at history museum very expensive! and met up with other group on the Mall
Rallied, etc and took pix of group etc etc
MARCH! Very fun, got seperated a lot! from others and others were seperated from others LOL anyways I just followed this one guy in our group because he was like a foot taller than most people there and has red hair LOL
Met up at union station
Went all the way back to Louisiana where we swerved off from the march and went to union station so basically all three blocks back.....grrr
Boarded bus
Everyone way out of it texting friends at home etc
Talk to people
Visit back of bus and talk to friends for a long time like 2 hours
Stop again at breezewood and get bob Evans for dinner
Bus again
Texted a friend back home who couldnt come and was sad
Was super cold so my friend(the one i was holding hands we are not an item!) gave me his jacket
Another rest stop where we saw a former priest from our parish, who we actually saw during the march too!
Tried to sleep on bus
Slept for 15 minutes
Talked to more friends
And eventually went up by other friends and slept on the floor in the aisle;-)
Got home said goodbyes and went home to sleep didn't even take a shower, did that this morning!!!!!

it was the best experience EVER!!!!!!! there were so many people all together for an AWESOME cause!!!!

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