Saturday, January 24, 2009

Babies are perfect

Walking the March route yesterday there were blown up pictures of parts of aborted babies. They had their tiny arms on coins, and their hands were so PERFECT! they were tiny tiny teeny tiny versions of my own hands and your own hands. They had fingernails. That made me think of the movie Juno, where an abortion protester, one of Junos friends, is outside the clinic, and before Juno goes in her friend simply tells her "your baby has fingernails." Juno is inside the clinic and is overwhelmed by people drumming nails on the table, biting their nails, everything fingernail related, then she leaves the clinic and makes the choice to put her baby up for adoption.

Also, I couldnt get a tshirt on the March route but I found a great site with lots of prolife
I ordered the Abortion is Selfish one and the Cupcakes for Life one. My mom got the Mother Teresa Pray for Peace one;-)

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Dixi said...

I love the those T-Shrits! My mom bought me a "Former Embryo" t-shirt in DC hopefully she'll buy me another one!