Saturday, January 3, 2009


How can it be legal? I subscribe to Brio, a teen Christian girls magazine, and there was a article this month about responses to arguments people may make about answer I remember makes the most sense of all.....How can a mother kill her unborn child and it NOT be considered murder when in fact, a murderer who kills a mother and her unborn child is charged with TWO, count em TWO counts of murder, proving that the law does recognize unborn babies as people(and scientists even say they have their own DNA from moment of conception, different from their mothers!), except in the case of abortion. It just does NOT make any sense AT ALL. 18 days til the March for Life in Washington DC and I am totally excited to go for such a great cause!!! Like totally as in I have been counting down since I turned in my money in the beginning of December(the week after I got the paper;-) LOL) And now since my mom is coming it will be great, and some of her friends are also chaperoning so she is happy to be able to spend time with them too!!!!!!

XOXO for now!!!


Evann said...

Great post!! Abortion gets me so fired up. It makes zero sense and it's murder. Plain and simple. That is so awesome you're going to the March for Life! I wish I could go. Maybe next year.

Carmelite Aspirant said...

Good for you going on a march! And good point about two murders being recognised in cases of the murder of a mother and unborn child -I hadn't thought of this before. I hope that leaders begin to listen to pro-lifers and that the evil of abortion will stop. Keep up your good work!