Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DC question

For those who have been to the March before, is there any things I should bring like for sure I may have not thought of???? I have that I am going to pack
Tennis shoes incase it rains and I cant wear my comfy warm suede boots;-(
Sketch Pad and pencils
Toiletries(toothbrush etc)
Contact case and glasses
Extra socks
a book
my Bible so I can read my one chapter a day even when I am gone

Anything else????



Maureen said...

It's usually cold and slushy. Dress for warmth not style. Layer. Keep dry.

Put an extra pair of cheap gloves in your pocket. Inevitably, you'll run into someone with freezing hands and no gloves. Last year we gave gloves to some seminarians.

If the forecast ends up being for real cold then put some hand and foot warmers in your pockets just in case. You can pick them up at Dicks for a buck each.

Make a list of everyone's cell numbers and put it in your pocket too, in case you get separated. We always lose one or two people -- it's such a huge mass of people there.

Be prepared to be blown away. The first year we went, the teens couldn't believe the number of high school and college students there. It's great to see that you aren't alone in your conviction for life.

Finally, if you can, go to the Basilica. We always end the March with Mass there before getting back on the bus. (The night before, people stay all night and sleep in the Basilica.) It's breathtaking and if you haven't been there, you won't want to miss it.

Oh, one more thing. I don't know what direction you're coming from, but we always stop at Franciscan University in Steubenville Ohio on the way home the next day. We go to noon Mass and then have lunch in the student cafe.

God bless you and your trip!

Dixi said...

A camera, "Hand Warmers" and lots of socks!

Teen Catholic said...

picket sign

rosray to pray during the march

virgin mary statue or sacred heart to carry in the march


rest your voice

//kelli/lynn/anna/marie// said...

Batteries, headphones and cards for the bus ride ( marty and I taught fr phil to play bs. ) stay warm. The day of the march is all outdoors.

Maureen said...

Keep in mind that if you take the Metro that you may have to ditch your picket sign or part of it. They let us take the signs themselves on the subway but not the stakes that held them. They freak at anything that can even be thought of as a weapon.

And yes, definitely don't forget the camera or video. One of these days I'm going to figure out how I can do a live podcast from the March. Wouldn't that be cool!