Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tonight we learned about the Holy Trinity. We learned two fun Greek words, ousia, meaning nature, and hypostasis, meaning person. The Trinity is one ousia, three hypostasis. Chad was the speaker for the night, and he did a fabulous job. We played a fun 6-legged race (with three people, for the Trinity!). I was one of the volunteers for the race. It was really fun, and we had to hobble, jump, hop, etc. around the tables and at three separate points sing a song (I love you, you love me; I'm a little teapot; and Itsy bitsy spider). After a further in-depth lesson about the Trinity, we played a game of This or That to get into our small groups. In our small groups, we discussed our favorite Person in the Trinity, as well as the Person we have the hardest time understanding. When we were all back in the gym, we sang some Trinity-inspired songs and said a prayer to the People of the Trinity. Afterwards, we had a delicious dinner and some of us stayed around talking for a while before we went home. It was a wonderful life night!

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