Saturday, February 14, 2009

For God So Loved The World

OK, so as far as I know....theres lots of depressed girls out there tonight without a date for valentines day. haha but ya know what? i have chosen to NOT be depressed today and make JESUS my date! yay me! so before I go to sleep tonight(other than taking a shower and trying to get my hair to dry so i can straighten it for the baptism tomorrow!) i am going to read my Bible(the Love Chapter, of course!)!!!!!! And take a few minutes to think about John 3:16. It is perhaps the most universally known verse in the entire Bible. If we just take a second to think about it, we realize that this is the greatest act of love to ever befall mankind. Contemplation, yes, is the hardest part of prayer....for anyone! Trying to not think of anything else....hard! But if you went to Steubie last least the ones in will probably know what I am talking about. The Picture. You know the one. During Saturday nite Adoration. The picture of Jesus with big open arms on the blue and white background???? Thats the picture I always envision!!!!! So everybody, Happy Valentines Day!!!!! XOXO

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