Wednesday, February 11, 2009

he loved her!!!!!

OK, so if you havent seen the movie Here on Earth you must. And thisis kinda a spoiler, just so ya know. So this girl....she had cancer. Jasper loved Samantha, even though he KNEW she would die, because it was incurable. But she fell in love with a college boy, and he loved her, but then he found out she had cancer, and left. He did come back after realizing how much he did love her though, and spoke at her funeral. But before she died, Jasper(boyfriend who loved her more thananything) told Kelley(college guy) that Sam needed him (Kelley), and even though it hurt him so bad to see them together, he knew she loved Kelley, and that was what was best for her. Jasper loved Sam SO MUCH, that he let her love someone else. I want a love like that.

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