Sunday, June 21, 2009

7 quick takes "sunday", YES special edition

1-YES is a community service prject done by teens and young adults and adult leaders in my area.
2-i am a pround member of the bundy crew!, the people who rode in our college leaders car, the bundy;)
3-the roof of SMCC is the best place ever!
4-friday night/saturday morning/whateva ya wanna call it, was the funnest night of my life! we hung out on the roof, and in the classrooms til 5 am, lights out was at 2! hahaha
5-the house we worked on was white with black trim, and i had tons of paint fights, so fun!
6-we got to meet the lady we did the house for, she is chair-ridden, and it was really sad, but she kept saying how blessed she was to have us choose her house to fix
7-i'm tired, thats what i get for late nights of fun!

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