Friday, June 5, 2009

7 quick takes friday

1-No more da vinci dresses for the play;( but the dresses we got are very cute! they are teal, knee length, v-neck dresses that look nice on ALL the bridesmaids!
2-tonight is opening night for mario and marys wedding!
3-i really need to start on my 4h project, i am doing a project called Play the Role(it is about acting)
4-the local theater which is an affiliate with SMCC for their school plays may try and open the SMCC school plays to Catholic homeschooled high schoolers in the area
5-also, the announcement of the SMCC school play happens today in just 40 minutes, and i cannot WAIT to find out what it is!
6-the real-life romance going on in the play is being worked on by the bridesmaids. meaning, me and a groomsmen being what they consider a real life romance, even tho were best friends. such a COMPLICATED situation
7-has anyone seen the jobros parody of single

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