Friday, June 12, 2009

7 quick takes friday

1-i got my wisdom teeth out this week. NOT FUN. my face is still red and puffy. and im not smart anymore! no more wisdom!
2-of course being that my face is red and puffy, i have another mario and marys performance thru the pain, work thru the pain.
3-and, its also BIKE WEEK! and all the festivities are going on downtown by the theater! so its gonna be a madhouse!
4-i need to make a stop at goodwill to get some old shorts i can wear for YES.
5-YES is the Youth Elect Service project, going on here from wednesday til saturday, we repair and re landscape homes of needy families and elderly folks.
6-being as i wont be here next week on friday for 7 quick takes, i am going to do a 7 quick takes Sunday all about YES!
7-HSY3, steubenville retreat is 2 weeks from today! i am soooo excited!

1 comment:

This Heavenly Life said...

Oooh...I got my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago. Not fun. Hope you feel better soon!

And I totally tried NOT to work thru the pain ;D