Friday, May 29, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1-OK, so i am in Mario and Marys Wedding, a dinner theater at the local theater. very fun. AND i get to wear a really pretty dress. i am a bridesmaid;) i tried on three dresses yesterday, and they all fit. so i find out tonight which one i get to wear;)

2-speaking of dresses, my dress size, i now know, is a size ten. which was a little dissapointing, til i found out they all ran small, and my real size is probably about a 6;)

3-also on the topic of dresses(i am sooo excited about these dresses!)they are da vinci-DESIGNER! ok, enough about dresses;)

4-my best friend in in florida, which is sad;( but i got to talk to her wednesday;) bet she'll have a reallll nice tan when she gets back......

5-my guy best friend and i had fun running around town after the hospital get gas in his car.....and run to his house quickly to get some stuff! then back to my house to watch the game and hung out til oneAM!

6-speaking of him, his brother got back to the states from iraq for a 2 week leave yesterday! so happy for all their family;))) he went to the Cavs game with his wife.

7-speaking of the Cavs, woot we won by ten points! go Cavs!

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

These were fun to read -- thanks for participating!