Friday, April 3, 2009

I liked this post so much....

I am posting it here too! for those of you who dont read the Princess Lessons blog;-)

Many people have the misconception the princesses only wear PINK, only date rich PRINCES, and always DRESS UP. I can prove this wrong. I don't like pink very much.....I don't care if a guy has money or not.....and I hate skirts and dresses! To be a princess, you just need to be a daughter of the King! the King accepts us all no matter if we wear pink dresses or dirt stained jeans and an old t-shirt. He loves us no matter if we marry rich or poor, though He does like us to marry for love....never for money (although, He doesnt care if the guy you marry is rich, He just hasnt designed that to be the REASON for marriage!) He doesnt care if you dress up....He loves the girls who come to church in dresses as much as the ones that show up in *holy* jeans.